Kids Cotton Singlets

Let’s face it – our kids get hot very quickly and tend not to feel the cold the same way that adults do. This is why kids singlets can be so useful, as they are far more breathable and less restrictive than traditional t shirts. You’ll find that your kids complain far less about being hot in one of these. We have a wide range of kids cotton singlets to choose from, including: round neck. Browse our extensive range of hats below or contact us for more information.

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Organic Cotton Singlet

Organic Cotton Singlet

Code: B105SG

100% combed organic cotton super fine rib; very soft and comfortable; superior screen pr

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So, why should cotton be the material of choice? There are plenty of reasons why you should choose kids singlets that are made from cotton:

  • Wear More, Wash Less – As cotton is breathable and doesn’t retain odours, it won’t need to be washed as often. Not only does this prevent a shortage of clean clothes, it will save you money!
  • Doesn’t Smell – Your clothes pick up odours from everything that you expose them to throughout the day. Cotton can release these odours easily during washing, unlike other fabrics.
  • Wear Anywhere – From playing at home to running around the schoolyard, cotton is a versatile fabric that will suit pretty much any occasion. It is even used in corduroy and chambray!
  • Low Maintenance – Who doesn’t want clothing that is easy to clean and care for? Simply toss the singlets into your washing machine, sit back and wait until they’re ready to hang up.