03 April 2018

Promotional T-Shirts – Perfect Giveaway For This Summer

by Dave

Under the right circumstances, promotional t-shirts make a fantastic giveaway item. Whilst we understand that they’re more expensive than a stubby holder or tote bag and they’re not appropriate for a formal office, there are plenty of other situations where giving them away is actually a great strategy. Here are some of the ways that businesses can leverage t-shirts as a promotional item:

  • Special Sales & Events
    T-shirts are great for “first day” promotions. Gamers, for example, love the idea of the first 50 people who purchase a newly released game also getting a freebie. This strategy works for smaller businesses, too – the grand opening of a store or restaurant is a great time to give some garments away and generate some interest.
  • Employee Incentives
    Promotional t-shirts also make great employee incentives. They can be customised for ‘teams’ or special projects, and they can be souvenirs for outings (such as the annual Christmas party or company picnic). Any time an employer hands freebies out to their employees, the employees will feel grateful and proud of their workplace.
  • “Goody Bags”
    T-shirts could also be given away as a part of a “goody bag” at a conference, golf tournament or other promotional gathering. Trade shows are another fantastic avenue for giving these garments away; whilst we don’t recommend handing out 1000 so that every passer by gets one, they can be used as a special incentive for preferred customers.

Employee Uniforms

If you’re a more casual business, the right t-shirts could actually form a part of your uniform. Businesses that appeal to teens and younger adults (such as games stores, surf shops and even casual eateries) might find them the perfect addition to the uniform, as it makes the employees appear more young and hip. If you have casual Fridays at work, this could also be a great idea.


Many businesses love the idea of selling promotional t-shirts as souvenirs. There are a couple of ways to go about this – the first is straight retail (coming up with a nice design, not related to your business, and selling it) and the second is designing one for your business and selling it. This is so exciting because it means that people are paying for the privilege of advertising your business.

The most important thing is to get the right design. We often find that our favourite t-shirts are ones with clever or funny sayings on them. If you can come up with a great logo that relates to your business and back it up with a clever saying or joke, it can sell you hundreds or even thousands of garments over a few years. Alternatively, focus on making the design as eye-catching as possible.

Casual Sports Uniforms

If you play on a recreational sporting team and don’t want to go to all the effort of getting a formal uniform, promotional t-shirts can be a great compromise. You have all the fun of looking the part but it will be less expensive overall. You could even have a business sponsor your team – put their logo on the back and your team name on the front!